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Technical Essentials Of Installing High Pole Lamp
Apr 28, 2017

The installation of high-pole lamp in addition to the normal meeting people's leisure, entertainment and other needs, it will be an important landscape, is also a civilized society must. High pole lamp installation as a cultural venue, in some degree has become a unit, a city and a national level of civilization and height of the symbol. Exterior nighttime illumination is the use of light to shape the night image of the building, thus showing the building in the night under the unique artistic demeanor. It shows the unique cultural connotation and artistic characteristics of the building. Choose reasonable elevation illumination mode, control illumination area, reduce power consumption. Handle illuminance, light color, color rendering, three-dimensional sense, texture, flash, glare restrictions and other indicators requirements. Attention to spatial clarity, eliminating unnecessary shadows, controlling the adverse effects of light and ultraviolet radiation on human and material. To create the appropriate brightness distribution and illuminance level, limit glare, reduce restlessness. Should be effective use of natural light, lamp rod requirements: Lifting the top of the high-pole lamp with lightning rods, Rainproof Hood, a 60-degree distribution of the pulley block and a 120-degree distribution of the hook system.