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LED Industry Either Whole Channel Or No Channel
Apr 28, 2017

The traditional PC Internet makes the circulation cost of information greatly reduced, the speed is greatly promoted, and now the information of the enterprise distributed around the globe can be transferred to the headquarter. Make the decision and the reaction speed of the enterprise greatly increased, but it also creates the information divide, also called the digital divide, namely the enterprise and the population development faster, and the line enterprise and the population is more backward, the result is the line on-line the breakdown and the intense conflict. New mobile interconnection technology with cloud computing, O2O, lbs, large data and other technologies to achieve organic fusion line on-line, mobile interconnection in bridging the information gap, but also to the enterprise in the channel construction requirements, that is either relying on these technical platforms to establish a line of coverage of the new channels, or there is no channel. In the future, you will not be able to divide the market through the channel selection and occupy segments of the consumer. Because the development of technology has broken the information superiority of enterprises, breaking the differences between different regions of the geographical space between the market, the difference between the traditional types of channels will be greatly reduced, the ultimate realization of the whole channel, with the price, the same experience.