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Led How To Prevent Glare
Apr 28, 2017

Glare (glare) is the visual condition that is not suitable for brightness distribution in the field of vision, or in the space or time of extreme brightness contrast, which causes the visual discomfort and reduces the visibility of objects. The visual perception of a person's inability to adapt to the eye may cause disgust, discomfort or even loss of apparent sight. In a certain-local area of the field of vision, excessive brightness or large changes occurred before and after. Glare is one of the important causes of visual fatigue. In order to get comfortable, high-quality lighting environment, by improving the lamp to suppress glare light is very necessary. In recent years, the export of European Union indoor lamps have a standard of glare, that is, UGR<19, even lower. In fact, as early as 1995, the CIE (International Lighting Committee) has put forward the concept of lighting glare, and the UGR (Unified Glare Rating) as the evaluation of indoor lighting environment of uncomfortable glare indicator. With the development of LED chip technology, LED lamps and lanterns are brighter, and the glare of discomfort is becoming more and more serious. So in 2014, the European Union made the UGR limit a mandatory standard for lamps, rather than as a reference.