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How To Distinguish High Quality Solar Street Lamps
Apr 28, 2017

Solar Street Lamp Component quality: high-quality solar street lamps are usually assembled with a high hardness of screw fittings. Some solar street lamp manufacturers may have welded or riveted joints. On the other hand, the poor quality of solar street lamps generally use stamping parts or twist lock technology, not so durable and will make a click of the sound, when used for a period of time, through the wind blowing hot-quality solar street lamps are prone to damage. Solar Street Lamp Battery quality: Solar street lamp batteries typically 2 types of batteries are selected, in material terms because of the different characteristics of the battery. The most commonly used and inexpensive alternatives are lead-acid batteries. This battery life is generally relatively short. We recommend avoiding the use of this type of battery, but if you really choose this kind of solar energy storage batteries, can be purchased when the relatively well-known brands, the power of the product, charge and discharge times, service life and other factors to do more understanding (of course you can buy solar batteries separately) after replacing the batteries. The best choice is nickel metal hydride (NiMH), nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries. We recommend using nickel-hydrogen solar energy storage batteries, because it compares with nickel-cadmium solar batteries, is low toxicity, the use of more lasting time.

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