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How To Design Solar Lawn Lamp Controller
Apr 28, 2017

Because the power generation of solar cell components varies with the weather condition and sunshine time, it is very unstable to control the charging and discharging of the batteries in the photovoltaic independent power generation system more complex than the ordinary application. Whether the controller design is perfect, directly decides whether the whole solar lawn lamp system can run smoothly. A complete solar lawn lamp controller should have two functions: the first is the function control, lawn lamp for the lawn, daytime decoration, decorative lighting at night, depending on the use of the situation, some need to work all night, more than 4-8-4 hours of work, so must have light control, light control, or light control, the function of time control. On the other hand, protection function control, including the protection of the Solar cell module recoil, the battery charging protection, over-current protection, temperature compensation function, the constant current driver of the LED. To prevent the anti-charging function, generally in the solar cell charging loop Series A diode, diode to prevent the anti-charging, the use of Schottky diode, Schottky diode pressure drop than ordinary diode to lower.