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The reason why that our led street light price is higher than others'?
Aug 25, 2017

  Here we'd like to show all of you one of our most popular street light, that is model BS-GMX series.The reason why it is so popular is that no matter for price or performance, BS-GMX model is competitive well deserved. Especially after we get it exhibited in Guangzhou International Lighting Fair in June, which has attracted many customers from all around the world.

  At our booth there, many customers have shown their great interests in our street light, some of them even taken sample in the last day of the Fair. And after Lighting Fair, some customers visited our factory for a better understanding of our company and our product, but of course the most important thing is coming to confirm the street light orders.So from June till now, our street light selling amount acccounted for about 80% of the total amount in months.

 Yes, many customers interested in our street light and place order frankly as they know it will be a big piece of cake for them, who sells early in theri market, then who can benefit first. However, just like a Chinese Saying ‘that our street light is not “RMB” that every one likes it’.Most customer like it, I mean the design, the performance and the price. While there are still few people who doesn't like it—Price. No matter we talked about price issue by email, online chatting or at our factory directly. They complained the price is too expensive. Well,if no comparison then there is no harm. We know they have visted many suppliers here to compare the quality and price, but i think more is price, they always try to find a “best” supplier to provide them “best”price. But...nothing is best just better. I don't know what performance that other suppliers here quoted him, but I dare to say if the same performance with ours, it's impossible or how could them survive? If it is exactly then we close our factory and buy from them.

 Well, next i'd like to show you the reason why that our street light price is higher than others':

 1.HOUSING. We have a series module design which can be made from 20W t0 150W, it meet different applications.In some degree that we can help customer to save purchasing time as we have different power range; And our housing is made of ADC12 with a high aluminum purity, which leads a better heat dissipatio, while others' only No.7 aluminum.

 2.GLASS. We use super white glass with high transmittance up to 92% but other nomal glass is only 70%.


 3.DRIVER. As we know actually for a light, driver is a most inportant part. Our driver with PF0.9, and anti-lightning and anti-surge higher up to 10KV. However, other suppliers just use PF0.6 or  non-isolated driver with 1.5KV surge protection. And few suppliers even use driverless or just a bare board without driver housing, which leads quality is not guaranteed.

 4.REFLECTOR. Before we use a silver plat reflector, the effiency it's about 95-100lm/w for the finished street light, and most customers can accept. After we get it improved with one white reflector cover, the efficiency increased much to 110-120lm/w now. But you may find others is with lens, and efficiency is about 90lm/w, some even without reflector.

 5. WATER-PROOF ABILITY. We all know that for outdoor lighting the basic is water-proof ability, so we have solved this problem well. On the one hand you, may find that our gasket with double side to match well with our housing design, and it's made of new material, while others' it's only one side and made of used materials. Well, actually the gasket design is up to the housing design, even other supplier use our good quality to put on their housing, you guess what? The reality is it doesn't work; On the other hand is the lock to fix the glass on housing. The lock quantity is same, but...pls pay attention to the lock shape, you can find that our locks in bend shape, which can fix the glass on housing tightly, while others' is plat, it's easy to be loose. Then you know what will happen, the street light installed on the high pole, if the lock loosed then glass drop from the housing, it will bring security risk and water-proof ability could not be ensured.

 Except all above for our street light components, there are some extra service that we can provide. We have a comprehensive certificate&test report for our led street light including: CE, SAA,C-Tick, BIS(driver), IP66, IK10 and LM-79.You may think it's none of your business. are wrong, here not all supliers have the ability and be willing to pay high cost on applying for it. We have certificate for our products not only shown our company strenth and product quality but also will be more convenient for those customers who want to apply for their local certificate and it's easy for customer to win the project tender.

 What's more, some customers have big quantity and then ask us if we can do with theri brand, then y...? Yes, of course we can. For our street light we can provide free OEM including making customers' brand on driver, glass, housing, inner box and master carton based on their big quantity.Once they receive the goods just sell in their market directly.

 So? Those customers who said that our price is expensive before, after you check all above information are you still thinking that our price is higher? And can you tell me that what other suppliers provided you is definitely same with ours?

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