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How To Choose The Light Source Of Solar Lawn Lamp
Apr 28, 2017

Solar lawn lamp Due to the component power limit, the light power must be very small, in the tenths tile to a few watts, more than 0.5W and 1 W. At present, some solar lawn lamps use energy-saving lamps as light sources, general energy-saving lamps of the light effect of about 40~50 Lm/w, and LED lamp at present the light effect has reached 90Lm/w, the laboratory's top level has reached 120Lm/w above, and in keeping the same illuminance, LED lamps than ordinary fluorescent lamps can save more than 40%%, the conversion efficiency is relatively high. In addition to the service life aspect, ordinary fluorescent lamp life expectancy for 3000-5000h,LED light in the light failure to reach 70% theoretical life of about 100,000 hours, the actual service life can reach 50,000 hours, for the ordinary fluorescent lamp more than 10 times, if every day work 8 hours, a lamp can be used 6,250 days, so do not need to change frequently, can greatly save maintenance costs. LED lamps are known as green light sources, which do not contain toxic and harmful substances, such as: Mercury, to avoid the leakage of fluorescent tubes overflow mercury two pollution, and led lamp use a constant DC current drive, will not produce any flash, no interference radiation, no harm to the human body; The color index is more than 80%, the light objects are more authentic and colorful.