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Discussion On The Problems Needing Attention In Purchasing Solar LED Lamps
Apr 28, 2017

First, counterfeit chips, low-end chips: LED lamps are the core of the chips, directly determine the performance of lamps. However, some undesirable manufacturers use the customer's non-professional, from the cost of the above consideration, the use of low-priced chips, so that customers with high unit prices to buy low-quality products caused direct economic losses, and led lamps and lanterns caused serious problems of quality. Huaqiang technology use chips for the United States imports of crystal meta chips, U. S. imports of the chip. Second, configuring the virtual label, exaggerated configuration parameters: Solar Street lamp Fiery also accompanied by the price of the decline, the fierce competition also led to many solar street lamp manufacturers began to appear jerry-building, false standard product parameters, the light source tiles, solar panels, battery capacity, even solar street lamp rod materials have problems. Of course, this is also the customer repeatedly than the price, demanding low prices caused, also with some manufacturers of practice. Third, poor thermal design, unreasonable configuration: Thermal design, LED Chip junction temperature of 10 degrees, semiconductor devices will be a multiplier of life expectancy. Because of the LED solar street lamp brightness requirements, the use of harsh environment, if the cooling solution is not good, will quickly lead to aging led, stability reduction. In addition, unreasonable configurations often result in the specific use of the expected value.