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Analysis Of The Superiority Of The New Rural Solar LED Street Lamp
Apr 28, 2017

Solar LED Street Lamp, it is in the new countryside construction to play the role of "star", The advantages: 1, energy saving, environmental protection, is the country vigorously advocated green lighting. 2, investment capital is easier to solve, because it is energy-saving environmentally friendly products, the state of such projects, in all places will be given to support, with special funds. 3, the investment is less, the comprehensive economic benefit is basically the same as the conventional street lamp investment. 4, the construction is simple, without digging ditches, the duration is short. 5, there is no electricity expense, because it absorbs solar power to shine, so no electricity expense is required. The power supply is always free. 6, the maintenance of small, almost maintenance-free, because the LED light source life more than 10 years. 7, beautify the rural circle mirror, more than the traditional street lamps can attract the vision, forming a beautiful scenery line. 8, the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection into rural areas, guiding the energy-saving awareness of rural people. In the new countryside lighting project, the solar LED street lamps become the preferred product, Zhongshan Xiaolan town, Heng GE Lighting factory with the government departments to complete a number of new rural road lighting projects.