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The standard of street lamps
Apr 28, 2017

The lamp is high: the height decides the horizon, so chooses the good height, decides the illumination field of the street lamp. 1, lamp installation height, the same street lamp installation height must be consistent (luminous center to the ground height). Small bend lamp A meters lamp 5-6 meters ordinary street long arm lamp and chandelier 6.5-7.5 meters express Road arc lamp not less than 8 meters slow lane arc lamp not less than 6.5 meters; 2, special lamp type according to the design requirements installation, the height of the lamp in the equivalent of the need to be illuminated the width of the road. When the H Shan L is illuminated only on one side of the H Shan L/2 wherein, H: the lamp mounting height (meters) L: Width of the road (meter) lamp elevation: 1, lamp elevation angle street width and lamp distribution curve to determine, each street should be uniform elevation. 2, the lamp holder adjustable, should make the light source center line falls on the road wide L/3-1/2 range. 3, on the long arm lamp (or arm lamp) lamp body in the installation, lamp holder side should be compared to the poles up 100 mm. 4, special lamps should be based on the light curve to determine the elevation of lamps.

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