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The rise of New forces for LED grill light
Nov 15, 2017

The rise of New forces for LED grill light

In recent years, LED indoor lighting market is gradually expanding, and for indoor lighting all kinds of new types of lamps continue to emerge. LED panel lights as in the indoor lighting application of a relatively wide range of lamps, enterprises and consumers to pay attention to the indoor lighting market development.


"From a market perspective, LED panel lights in the home and commercial photo display a strong vitality." Their applications include hotels, hotels, stores, supermarkets, conference rooms, etc. "China creative Power lighting general manager Chen Haihui said, because the panel light light, uniform lighting, has the role of eye protection, it is widely used in offices, hospitals, libraries and other fields.

According to him, from the lighting design concept, LED panel lamp light use compared to other lamps more scientific and reasonable. Under the effect of light guide plate side glow principle, the lighting emitted by the panel lamp is formed a uniform planar luminous effect, which is better coordinated with the surroundings.

"LED panel lamp interior space is very abundant, so its light source design is also very flexible, can by adding or reducing the lamp bead to change the luminous brightness of the panel light, we can also according to customer's requirements to configure a different lighting scheme, so that according to different needs and environmental changes to adjust light color. "The head of a panel lamp factory to the reporter analytic way."

According to the luminous characteristics of LED panel light, it is mostly used in the ceiling, walls and some counters and other places. In the installation design, the panel lamp is mainly divided into chandelier lampholders and embedded wall lamp two major categories. No matter which design, the panel light can completely melt into the wall, the external space occupies very small.

It is by virtue of the above several advantages, LED panel light has become an indoor lighting market rise of a new force, and its good lighting effect and beautiful appearance also for its application in the market to add a lot.

Market breakthrough

In recent years, LED application technology tends to mature, cost continues to decline, energy efficiency has also been relatively large improvement, LED panel lamp has reached more users can accept the psychological price and energy-saving demand, which promotes the application of its popularity has been greatly improved, whether it is commercial use or home applications have been everywhere.

Through the market visit can be found, including supermarket lighting is led panel lights and other products to promote a very good cut mouth. According to Guangxi Daily Bright Chemical Co., Ltd. General Manager Margarri introduced, in Nanning, there are many commercial supermarkets have begun to change the LED panel lamp, and he himself took over some of the panel lights Renovation project.

The LED panel lamp has the characteristics of high color rendering and good lighting quality. "Industry insiders said, led panel lamps using high color phosphor packaging LED light source, and the use of blue-and-red mixed packaging, or amber chip, to obtain a high color of the light source." Therefore, the color of the panel lamp is higher, the color reduction is relatively more real, the more vivid when the object is irradiated.

The early appearance of the panel lights in the form of a relatively single, mainly to replace the main fluorescent disk, style to the majority of the square, installation methods are more embedded, hoisting, spring card buckle and so on. Later, after the development, led panel lights in the style from the early square large size derived from the current variety of round, square small-size products, as well as some personalized customized panel lights.

Many manufacturers said that they aimed at hotel rooms, clubhouse lobby, such as exquisite decoration places will be introduced some creative panel lamp products, such as carving a variety of texture on the panel to make it more ornamental, or the Bluetooth stereo into the lamp, so that it has entertainment function.

In addition, LED panel lights in the installation of the way also made more changes, increased the Ming installed, suction top, aluminum buckle and other ways to expand the use of the panel lamp, from the original single office to expand the use of hotels, clubs, shops, families and other places.

The life of the grille lamp

Although the panel lamp in the indoor lighting application advantage obvious, but from the current market share, LED panel lamp occupies a small market share. According to the Industrial Research Institute of LED Industry statistics, 2012 China LED panel lamp Market sales scale of 1.6 billion yuan, the growth rate is significantly slower.

Because the early panel lamp product Unit Price is high, the user's initial input cost is big, the product energy saving efficiency is relatively low, the cost recovery time is also relatively long, most users do not have the intense purchase or the substitution desire, therefore to the traditional fluorescent lamp plate has not caused the powerful impact.

In fact, the panel lamp has appeared in the traditional times, but it is not called the panel light, called the Light plate. Said Lin Yiu. He also pointed out that LED lighting products are currently the main market in the replacement market, that is, traditional lamps to replace the LED light source. As a result, the growth of LED panel lights also illustrates the replacement upgrades they have made to traditional light discs.

Market shows that the current home-type panel lamp, the more popular style is integrated ceiling installation, $number or $number size is the largest, while the engineering category to 600*600,600*1200 and other large-scale products, mainly to replace the household kitchen lamp and commercial fluorescent disk.

"It's still hard to think that led panel lights have a big impact on the grille market, because LED grille lights can be said to be different types of products and do not conform to the replacement principle of old and new light sources." In addition, LED panel lights light brightness on the Beagle grid lamp also does not have much advantage, because the grille lamp can also be their own traditional lamp into LED lamp, and do not change the structure. ”

Linger therefore judge, whether LED panel lamp can replace grille lamp market, the key is to see whether the price cost of LED panel lamp can meet the condition of replacing grille lamp.

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