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Market prospect forecast of street lamps
Apr 28, 2017

Urban lighting (only for the calculation of landscape lighting and lighting functions such as streetlights) annual electricity consumption accounted for about 4% to 5% of China's total power generation, the equivalent of the Three Gorges Hydropower project after the construction of the annual production capacity (85 Billion-kilowatt). The street lamp will be the biggest application area, 2011 amounted to $1.5 billion, expected to reach 1.8 billion 2012. 2012, with energy-saving emission reduction pressure, LED street lighting to receive a substantial increase. All local governments speed up the promotion of LED street lamps. Chongqing planning to install 50,000 LED lamps in two years; Zhengzhou, Henan Province plans to promote the installation of 78,000 LED street lamps 2015; Jiangsu Yangzhou plans to 2015, 100% of secondary road lighting, residential lighting use LED lighting products, 30% of the city's main road lighting, the use of LED lighting products, LED street lamp demand for 50,000 lamps; Hainan Province, the end of 2012 plans to replace the province's 210,000 lamps for LED street lamps; 2012, many countries abroad have begun to start energy-saving emission reduction plan, LED street lamp promotion is one of the main measures of energy-saving emission reduction plan. 2012 China LED Street lamp production will reach 1.22 million lamps, an increase of 79%. As the most important part of LED Street lamp, LED street lamp driving power supply in 2012 will also be with the rapid promotion of LED street lamp and get rapid development, to have the technology, capital strength as the support of LED street lamp driving power Enterprise, will be an opportunity.

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