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A Brief History Of Street Lamps
Apr 28, 2017

1843, the first street lamp appeared on the streets of Shanghai, China, although it was ignited by kerosene, but in people's minds, the Holy God was more than moonlight. Huangpu River side crowds crowd dedicated to a glimpse of demeanor. Later, the Shanghai Concession street lamps changed to gas lamps. It was transplanted from London, the brightness was several times higher than the kerosene lamp, and in the eyes of the night pedestrians, it was the "sun" of the night. Until 1879, Shanghai 16 Pu Pier finally lit the first electric lamp in China, equipped with a 10-horsepower engine generating set, equivalent to a tractor power. At the beginning of the road lights at each pole of the knife switch, still need workers to open every day close. 3 years later, switching to a number of streetlights to share a switch, this form of street lamps in all cities in the country has been in use until in the 1950 of the 20th century.

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